The Yasai is finally able to open its doors again

As California continues to lift its regional ban, The Yasai is finally able to open its doors to its community. We are excited to be reopening our outdoor patio and allowing everyone to enjoy their delicious meal. The process of the pandemic has truly been a tough one as we have been shut down and reopened numerous times. There has been many uncertainties during the whole process of the pandemic which continues to be a challenge in remaining open even for takeout. Thanks to our community and everyone’s endless support of Yasai, we were able to remain open to conduct business.

There are many concerns about the safety of reopening and we want to ensure that we will be upholding the states safety regulations in conducting our business. The health of our staff and guests is our number one priority and in order to achieve that that is what we will be doing frequent cleaning of areas, measuring, monitoring and controlling the number of guests allowed in and out of the restaurant, and implementing and enforcing policies related to social distancing. In addition to opening our patio dining, we will continue to take orders online or over the phone for takeout or delivery.

Yasai is not just about being a plant based restaurant, but we want to deliver options to everyone that lives a certain health lifestyle.

Junya Wantabe’s vision is to cultivate game-changing vegan cuisine. While most vegan options seek to merely imitate meat, Junya has spent years reshaping the future of veganism. In his one of a kind fermentation laboratory, he has carefully studied reactions to perfect the process for each individual vegetable.

Junya uses unique organic ingredients ranging from various peppers to authentic Japanese sake. This allows him to achieve the best taste, texture, and aroma possible. Junya’s precision and vigilance takes vegan to a whole new level. To find out more about The Yasai please visit our website We are currently located in Convoy and Little Italy.